What is a wellness coach?

So, what the heck is a wellness coach? Briefly, a wellness coach is your partner in your achieving your optimal state of wellness – your best self. A wellness coach collaborates with you to formulate a highly motivating vision of your future wellness and to develop the action plan (the little steps) that directs you on the path to your goals. The coach does not decide your goals and does not tell you what to do. Rather the coach uses inquiry, listening, empathy, accountability, and inspiration so that you are able to choose and achieve the goals that are right for you.

Wellness takes many forms – physical health, physical fitness, having a healthy weight, having optimum energy, following a nutrition plan that facilitates health, managing stress effectively, maintain a healthy balance in our lives, and a general sense of well-being. Your coach assists you in setting appropriate goals for each of the areas of wellness that are important for you to change. Your coach works with you to find the ways to help you stay accountable so your goals are reached.

Wellness coaching is not about finding out what is wrong and what needs to be “fixed”. Coaching is about identifying what is right, discovering or rediscovering strengths, and moving forward in a positive way.

The coaching process occurs through a series of individual coaching sessions. These are typically scheduled weekly (telephonically), although bi-weekly or monthly sessions might be appropriate once you are really rolling on your plan. A typical length of a coaching relationship is three to six months. The initial session looks in-depth at your vision for your wellness, your important values and motivators that will energize your movement toward your vision, and identifies the challenges and sources of support that are related to your success. This initial session typically takes 60-90 minutes. Follow-up sessions are typically completed in 30 minutes which allows for review of the prior week’s goals and delving into what will be most important for you in the upcoming week.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you have comments.

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